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BUKO Pharma-Kampagne mainly works in Germany. Therefore only some of our publications are available in English.

Drug research - Science in the public interest?

Drugs should be a blessing to mankind. But does drug research come up to its
own expectations? The world needs science in the human interest. download here...

Data and Facts 2004: German drugs in the Third World.

This is the fourth study of Pharma-Kampagne about the quality of German drugs in poor countries. The survey includes an evaluation of more than 2500 drugs sold in 46 countries. The results are presented in many graphs and tables. A list of all drugs is included. A Spanish version and a summary in Portugese is also available (see below)
2004, 56 pages, ISBN 3-928879-25-1, € 10,-

Also available as download: Data and Facts: German drugs in the Third World [PDF 1,4 MB]

[Spanish] Medicamentos alemanes en prueba
Las firmas farmacéuticas alemanas son las que ofrecen mayor cantidad de medicamentos en el Tercer Mundo y están orgullosas de su fama. El estudio de medicamentos de la BUKO- Pharma Kampagne relativiza la imagen positiva de las mismas. Por cuarta vez investigamos la oferta de medicamentos alemanes en los países del sur. Fácit: de 2.534 medicamentos valorizados, reciben la nota de “irracionales” el 39%, según criterios clínico-farmacológicos. Data y hechos 2004: medicamentos alemanes en el Tercer Mundo [PDF/ 854 kB]

[Portugese] Negócios lucrativos: medicamentos alemães no 3o mundo
Versão reduzida para o Brasil do estudo da BUKO-Pharma-Kampagne "Sprudelnde Geschäfte: Deutsche Medikamente in der 3. Welt” Negócios lucrativos: medicamentos alemães no 3o mundo [PDF/ 257 kB]

Primary Health Care and Drugs

Global Action Towards Rational Drug Use
Documentation of a conference on Primary Health Care by BUKO Pharma-Kampagne. How is the current situation? What makes implementation so difficult? How can medicines be incluced in the best way?
1991, 168 pages, englisch, ISBN 3-928879-08-1, 3,- €

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